Wormwood dried

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Latin name: Arternisia absinthium

Genuine Wormwood herb cut and gently dried, natural in premium quality ideal as Wormwood tea, cooking and herbal smoking!

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The natural product Wormwood is characterized by its strong, aromatic spicy. Above all, the warming effect as a digestive tea is much appreciated and also in Absinthe and other preparations of digestive liquor, the spicy herb is often included. Original Wormwood which is free of any additives for a healthy Wormwood tea becomes one of excellent home remedies for indigestion. Proven to be rich in essential oils and contains equally important flavonoids for the human body.

Cutting untreated Wormwood herb has a long tradition as a herbal mixture for smoking and in the preparation of alcoholic beverage, due to numerous tannins and bitter substances, it is often used for the homemade herbal liqueur.

Our tip for the joy of experimenting is a self-made mixture of alcohol for exquisite homemade liqueur combinations. Serve your guests a herbal liqueur of a special kind. You can calculate the thujone content by increasing the addition of dried Wormwood.

Buy our Wormwood Dampfkraut online in natural form. Like all our dried herbs, the real Absinthe herb is untreated, freshly harvested, gently dried and cut immediately. In the bag, the pure herbal power of Wormwood herb, its intense nuances and aroma are perfectly preserved and delivered to your home.



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