Maconha Brava E-Liquid


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Maconha Brava (Zornia latifolia)

Commonly used parts: Leaves
Reported effects are: Energizing and stimulating, euphoric, and relaxing.

This herbs is an ingredient in many herbal blends, supporting the notion that it mixes well with other herbs.


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Maconha Brava (Zornia latifolia)

This is a native plant to South America and it belongs to the pea family. It produces beautiful yellow flowers that can be used to create both tea and oils. However, because the flowers are only open for 5 to 10 hours, they are very rare and usually not acquired for manufacturing purposes. The peas on the other hand can be cooked and added to food. The plant is exceptionally good as a form of a sedative and it can greatly help reduce pain and improve relaxation. The most often created products from this plant are oils, essential oils and tea. It should not be used in unlimited quantities, but more like a less regular addition to your lifestyle.

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