Kanna Extract 30:1 powder (Sceletium tortuosum) Mesembryanthemum

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(Sceletium tortuosum)

Commonly used parts: leaves. Reported effects are stimulating, relaxing, a sense of well-being, euphoria, and a reduced appetite. Kanna is popular for being a natural anti-depressant, one of the active components is Mesembrine.
A native of South Africa, the Kanna has a very rich and pulpy inside that is very adaptive to different environments and can be turned into different products. Its white flowers grown big, and develop a yellow centre that holds the cocoons of the pulpy inside which are later processed. The Kanna is an inhibitor of serotonin and can improve a person’s mood and calm the nerves. However, it should not be combined with medicine that is aimed to improve the cardiovascular system because it could have a contrary effect. Oil made from the Kanna is often applied to painful gums to reduce toothaches because it has mild properties of an anesthetic as well.

Product Description
1.kanna sceletium tortuosum has been used by South African pastoralists and hunter-gatherers as a mood-altering substance since prehistoric times. Traditionally, dried plant material is often chewed as a quid, and the juices swallowed, but it has also been made into teas and tinctures. It also has been inhaled as a snuff, or smoked, sometimes with the addition of other herbs, by the Hottentot and Bushmen tribes of South Africa. Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension, and it has also been used as an appetite suppressant by shepherds walking long distances in arid areas. Higher doses can cause, initially with stimulation and later with sedation. It has been suggested by some that Kanna can potentiate the effects of alcohol. No addiction or severe adverse side effects have been associated with Kanna. Our Kanna is not powdered, but ground into a fine smoking consistency
2.kanna sceletium tortuosum 30:1 extract. This powdered extract is more than five times stronger than Kanna herb. A very small amount of Kanna extract will produce the same result as a larger amount of Kanna powder
What is the kanna sceletium tortuosum extractinformation ?
The kanna sceletium tortuosum extract active constituents of Sceletium tortuosum are mesembrine, mesembrenone, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. Mesembrine, the major alkaloid present, is a serotonin-uptake inhibitor (SSRI), like the anti-depressant Prozac.
This receptor-specific activity, and receptor activities also found on nicotinic, dopamine and nor-adrenaline sites certainly validate the traditional mood-elevating uses, and suggest additional therapeutic and wellness potential.


(1). As raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, anti-depressants, anti-tumor and sedation, it is widely used in fields of pharmaceutical and health products;

(2). Applied in health product field , it can be used as the raw materials of health care product to enhance the immunity of human body;

(3). As dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, it is widely used in fields of dietary supplement food products;

(4). Applied in comestic field, as natural raw material of andneutral detergent, it can be added in hair shampoon and other detergents

Das angebotene Produkt wird als Räucherwerk verkauft.

Certificate of analysis

Appearancebrown yellow fine powderComplies
Method of ProcessingExtractionComplies
Solvent(s) UsedEthanol and WaterComplies
Drying MethodSpray dryingComplies
Particle Size (80 mesh)100%pass 80meshComplies
Solvent ResidueEur.PharmComplies
Heavy metals≤10ppmComplies
Pb<1.0 ppmComplies
As<1.0 ppmComplies
Hg<0.5 ppmComplies
Pesticide Residue 666<0.2ppmComplies
Pesticide Residue DDT<0.2ppmComplies
Microbioiogical :
Total of bacteria≤1000cfu/g65cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/g12cfu/g
GMO StatusGMO FreeComplies
IrradiationIrradiation FreeComplies

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