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Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)

The herb of immortality.

Natural Jiaogulan herbal leaf that Chinese Herb of Longevity as a healthy tea, untreated 5-leaf ginseng in premium quality


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Purchase natural product miracle grass Jiaogulan, then enjoy the dried and cut plant of immortality which has a rich source of saponins and without additives in their natural quality. Even they have varied by name like Xiancao in China or Amachazuru in Japan, but two tea-consuming nations have been using the same kind of Jiaogulan tea for centuries.

Of course, it is listed in a kind of culinary herb and spice used as flavor enhancer such as in stir-fried dishes, soup or simply a green salad. Whether the ancient mountain people around the jungles of Chiang Mai in Thai or the North Vietnam with their tempting hearty soups, the herb of immortality known to us is used everywhere. If in herbal mixtures or only the 5-leaf ginseng, the valuable plant proteins, minerals, vitamins and gypenoside are especially appreciated by vegans.

Buy our steam herb Jiaogulan online in natural form. Like all our herbs, the climbing vine is treated with care, freshly harvested, gently dried and processed immediately. In the bag, the herbal power of Jiaogulan and its intense flavours as well as aromas are perfectly preserved and delivered to your home.

ATTENTION: The Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) falls under Novel Food – EU Food Regulation in Germany and is not approved as food. We offer the Jiaogulan exclusively for sale in the steam herb online shop for decoration purposes.




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